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Launching a strategic product? STRATIS Group ensures a superior customer experience, cost management, revenue growth, and risk mitigation, turning your vision into reality.

At STRATIS, we are your trusted partner throughout every crucial stage of medical device development, ensuring your innovation reaches its full potential in the market.

Our expert services guide you seamlessly through each step, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and success.

Our Comprehensive Medical Device Development Services: Navigating from Conception to Commercialization.

We facilitate connections with diverse investors, ensuring your project secures essential funding. Moreover, we prepare your company to attract investors, optimizing its appeal and potential for successful investment.

Step 1

This stage involves ideation and conceptualizing the medical device based on identified healthcare needs or problems.

Step 2

Assessing the feasibility of the concept and conducting market research to understand the potential demand, competition, and regulatory landscape.

Step 3

Developing detailed designs and creating prototypes to test the functionality and usability of the medical device.

Step 4

Conducting rigorous testing and validation to ensure that the device meets its intended performance and safety requirements.

Step 5

Preparing and submitting the necessary documentation to regulatory authorities for approval and compliance with medical device regulations.

Step 6

Establishing the manufacturing process and ensuring consistent quality and adherence to applicable standards.

Step 7

Conducting clinical trials to gather data on the device’s safety and effectiveness in realworld patient scenarios.

Step 8

Introducing the medical device into the market, along with targeted marketing and distribution strategies.

Step 9

Monitoring the device’s performance and gathering feedback from users to address any potential issues and make improvements

Step 10

Identifying opportunities for further innovation, expansion into new markets, and continuously improving the device based on user feedback and technological advancements.

From the moment of conception to the moment your device hits the market, STRATIS is dedicated to providing end-to-end support, utilizing our expertise and industry insight to navigate the intricate path of medical device development. Your success is our mission, and we stand with you every step of the way.

At STRATIS, we are committed to guiding your company towards a successful exit strategy, tailored to your unique goals and circumstances. Whether through a strategic IPO, a well-negotiated acquisition, or a seamless merger, our expert advisory services ensure that your exit journey is optimized for maximum value realization and a smooth transition to the next phase of your business.

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